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Work Packages


Project Management covers all issues related to ongoing project implementation, financial and administrative aspects of the project and quarterly reporting to the Managing Authority.

WP 2  

Promotion and dissemination of information


The objective of WP3 is to develop and to deploy a complex monitoring system for the assessment of road bridges state based on a wireless sensor network. The system monitors static and dynamic effects due to the crossing of heavy vehicles and assesses the fatigue induced material deterioration.


Work Package 4 consists of task related with experimental tests of the girders. It covers preparations of drawings of girders and formwork, order and transportation of necessary materials, reconstruction of the girders, it's post-tensioning, strengthening and testing for flexural load capacity. The deliverable product of the research will be a scientific report including analysis of the test result.


Work Package 5 includes the design and construction tasks. It ranges over multiple fields, starting from calculations of bridge's load capacity and strengthening, over design and execution of the bridge retrofitting and strengthening with composites, loading tests both before and after strengthening, to long-term structural health monitoring.