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Polish-Swiss Research Programme

The main goal of Polish-Swiss Research Programme (PSRP), established under the Framework Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Swiss Federal Council is to:

 "Contribute to a development of knowledge-based economy by raising the level of knowledge and, in particular through applied research, know-how and technology transfer."

This goal may be achieved by supporting research and development sector in Poland and its integration with the R&D sector on the international arena. The PSRP supports the implementation of Joint Research Projects realized by Polish and Swiss researchers.

Available allocation for Joint Research Projects is 62 646 602, 20 PLN.  In order to keep the PSRP accessible for a broad variety of Beneficiaries the Programme will provide grant assistance for:

  • Projects between CHF 300'000 and CHF 1 million  (from 804 780 PLN to 2 682 600 PLN) - tentatively 60% of the total allocation,
  • Projects between CHF 1 million and CHF 2 million (from 2 682 601 PLN to 5 365 200 PLN) -tentatively 40% of the total allocation.

Joint Research Projects shall enable scientists from Poland, jointly with scientists from Switzerland to undertake research activities on specific problems in 5 thematic areas.

Joint Research Projects were submitted in the following thematic areas:

  • Information and communication technologies - ICT,
  • Energy – renewable energy sources,
  • Nanotechnologies,
  • Health,
  • Environment.

Webpage Polish-Swiss Research Programme : http://www.swiss.opi.org.pl/